There was good news and bad news to us booking a sail week so late in the season. The good news was that we only had 2 other people on our boat. The bad news was that because of the lousy weather we would be stuck in the Split Marina for the first 3 nights instead of sailing around the various islands. That was close to half the week but we were determined to make the best of it.

Not our boat but a close enough representative

The first night we went out with our 2 fellow passengers, a couple of Aussies named Joshua and Igor. They were traveling solo, Igor flying up to Europe for a few months of backpacking whereas Josh lived in London and was just taking a 2 week holiday. We all got dinner together then hit the bars in Old Town Split and had a great time even though it was like our 4th night going out in Split.

Enjoying a cold one while we wait to leave

The following day we decided to actually do something, so we took the Skipper’s suggestion and went out and played paintball. It was just us plus the other six or so passengers from Sail Week boats who were mostly Australians traveling alone. We had a great time and aftewards the Australians who had never handled a gun before said they had a newfound understanding of why Americans are so fanatic about them. That night we all did a local pub crawl through Split which was way more fun after getting to know everyone that day.

Pulling up to Hvar Island

The next morning I woke up on the boat, sailing across the Adriatic to Hvar Island. It was so nice to finally have good weather and be on the ocean and it turns out lying in the sun on the deck of a sailboat is a great hangover cure. At Hvar we tied off on a nearby island bay next to the other boats. Everyone was jumping off boats and swimming around and having beers and it was exactly what I had hoped the week would be. We went out that night in Hvar and then bounced around a couple other islands over the rest of the week before spending our last night back in Split. Tanner and I took it easy that night in order to catch our train to Budapest the next morning and (hopefully) finally start spending a little less since the city is supposed to be cheap…

Trying to keep up with the Aussies

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