While we were waiting for our flight at the Athens airport, we decided to get drunk at the lounge. It was only a 45 minute flight and we were planning on partying anyway once we got to Santorini. We were successful in the first part but Tanner nearly peed his pants on the plane before being saved by the seat belt light going off. When we got to Santorini we had a driver from the hotel waiting for us, but he said we were going to have to wait for another person on a later flight so he could take all of us. Not a huge deal but we paid 15€ each for the transfer service and it turns out a cab to our hostel was only 30€ total so we just took the cab. When we got to the hostel we walked around a bit and it was surprisingly quiet. It turns out we were staying on the calmer side of the island. No problem for us though since Tanner knew 4 Canadian girls staying nearby that he befriended in Athens. We all went to a local bar that had live music and good cocktails so even though it wasn’t anything wild it ended up being a pretty fun time.

The front door of our hostel.

The next morning we slept until noon then walked up and down Perrisa beach on the south end of the island. The beaches had black sand and it was almost like looking at a film negative. The water in the Mediterranean was a little chilly and felt great to jump in and cool off after so much walking on a hot sunny day. We found a good spot on the sand and grabbed a couple lounge chairs to settle in. There were nude sunbathers (😉) and my biggest dilemma was that I wanted to go back in the water but I was too comfortable to move. It felt like we had found paradise.
​Perissa Beach, Santorini, Greece

That night we went out in Thira which is the biggest city in Santorini. We bought a couple bottles of wine to drink on the steps of the hillside overlooking the bay. Then we met up with some of the girls I met on birthright and their friends and went to the bars. After a few rounds we made our way to the clubs and had a great time until Tanner reached behind the bar to grab a bottle for some reason and the bouncer threw us out. We were all told we couldn’t go back which means Santorini joins Orlando and Las Vegas as places where I have been banned from a bar or club.

The best decision of the night.

Even so we stayed out with the girls that were still standing and bounced around the other bars until late. We ended up crashing at their Airbnb nearby where Tanner and I shared a bed and slept in while the girls had to wake up early to leave back to Athens. We ended up sleeping in a little too late and had to rush to take a water taxi back to our side of the island in order to make our check-out time for our hostel. All in all it was a fun adventure but it kinda sucked getting yanked away by a bouncer when I was in the middle of a conversation with a beautiful Greek girl. Also we spent way too much money but we have a few chill days coming up on the island of Ios which will hopefully help even out our budget.

Perissa Beach bus station

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