I thought it would be easy to get rid of clothes I never wore. I told everyone it would feel good. And it did — when I dreamed about it. But doing it was a completely different deal. It hit me when I saw the long-sleeve Jaguars shirt my mom had given me for Christmas stuffed in the top of the trash bag I was handing over to the nice Goodwill man. Like 90% of the things I was giving away, I hadn’t worn it in years. And yet there was emotion I wasn’t prepared for. I’m not a sentimental person, right? But I wanted to jump into that wire basket and dig out the trash bag and pull out the Jags shirt, and the stained white t-shirt I slept in every night for a semester, and the orange pants I wore one gameday in 2013 and never put on again but couldn’t quite part with until now.

Wire basket of clothes

There were shirts in there my dad gave me that he got when he was my age. Nothing special about them beyond that, but wouldn’t it be cool to give those to my kids?

No, I have no room for sentiment or old clothes in the backpack. Everything* had to go. It will feel good to have nothing to worry about and nothing tying me down anywhere. I had my 5 carefully selected t-shirts and the rest of my clothes picked out and that was that.


*Author’s note: My roommate offered me a little space in a storage unit so I wasn’t quiiiiite getting rid of everything. The Jags long-sleeve and orange pants didn’t make the cut but you can bet I dug out my dad’s shirts. 

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