This is the packing list of everything I’m bringing, which will be everything I own once I leave:

I’ve tried to provide links where I can for items I bought online specifically for this trip. The rest are just items I had before.

Things that hold other things:

After doing some research, I settled on the Osprey Farpoint. It’s designed for travel with a zipper that goes around 3/4 of the bag so it opens up like a suitcase rather than just a cinched opening at the top like a lot of other backpacks. This makes it easier to pack/unpack since I won’t have to dump everything out whenever i need to find something at the bottom.

After having it for a few months the only downside I’ve come across is that it’s a bit too big to bring as a carry-on.

Something to use for day trips and to keep with me when I check the larger bag, this just needs enough space for the basics listed below. I’ll shove it in the 80L when I need to carry both around.

Inside the Daypack:

I’ve always been an iPhone guy, and I’m going to hate having a green text bubble, but the Google Pixel has a better camera and Google actually offers a pretty solid international data plan that I couldn’t pass up.


This was probably the hardest group of things to narrow down – how do you pack for 3 months? I decided to pack for about 6 or 7 days, with the plan to do laundry (hopefully) once per week.


We plan on staying in Europe through New Year’s so although it will be summer when we first get there, it’s going to get chilly. These three jackets can be worn separately or layered over each other depending on conditions.


I’ll have to carry everything I bring on my back, so I’m trying to cut down on bulky items like shoes. This means versatility is paramount. Sperry’s can be worn with shorts or dressed up with the khakis. The Allbirds are for more casual, comfortable sneakers and don’t look too bad either.

Have any thoughts on what I left out? Or what I’m bringing but don’t need? Let me know!

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